Charles Goss 2021

I Focus on:

Bumps on the wall, finding life in a box, your mothers Bauhaus, overworking the space, reading between the lines, learning my own rhythm, polyphonies in 11/4 time, holes in the wall, bumps in the road, misplaced modifiers, palatial space, doubling the exposure, eyesight and earshot, secrets discovered, secrets revealed, dotting the T and crossing the street, crossing my fingers, being clear about abstraction, daring to screw up, carnal knowledge, embracing the mistakes, never getting it all in one piece..........selling out, catching up, falling behind, facing death, quietly waiting, action/reaction, response, NOT-HOLDING-BACK, seeing that there is no time like the present and the present has no time at all, dysphasia, dyspepsia, truth to materials, true voices, desires, habits, addictions, worst headaches, no thinking-just doing, method painting, TV, the inside of your mouth, following the tryst, possessing the fear, doubting the doubt, questioning EVERYTHING, doing my best-whatever it may be that day, standing by my word, assuming nothing, not taking things personally, dog farts and back streets, the economy of clarity, the lushness of obscurity, the union of opposites, fantasy, curiosity, empty rooms, deprivation, boredom, logic, irony, humor, pain, joy, loss, pleasure, grief, suffering, history, ecstasy, action-spawning ideas-more action opening to more, acceptance, rejection, the strength in weakness, camouflaging, mirroring, reverberating, technique taught…art sought, lust, pride, envy, jealousy, sloth, suspension of disbelief, living in time, finding the loading zone, late for lunch, beta waves, alpha waves, delta waves, theta waves, baby waves, mama waves, talismans, fetishes, sports, food, cooking, good food, learning, seeing, sex.....density, a sense of the aggregate, evidence of life on other planets, TEXAS, a higher being, back of the bus, the Blues, the source of the Nile, Paris, money, politics, Life, Death, Jazz, sex, duct tape, basic instincts, rear speat seakers, dyslexia, half-lives, Ohms Law, Amsterdam, Mho's scale, absolute zero, true North, no thing, NOTHING, the truth about reality, the Bernoulli Effect, the image not the f-stop, where the rage lives, going to the out of my mind, too late to make a long story short, love, mind reading, telecommunication, Band-Aids and rubber bands, CURE ONE, critical thinking, sincere thought, no thought, boat drinks, the journey not the destination, the Caribbean, contradiction, oxymoron's, erasing the evidence and defacing the norm, continuity and embracing the….Here....NOW


Focus is subject to change and rearrangement without notice.

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