Charles Goss
Fools Gold
And so, another love affair begins.
Not quite like the other ones, but still with all the hopes and opium dreams of immortality. Still there, are the looks and laughs and the touching and slipping skin. Still, the kisses linger long after the fact and coax the craving for more and more. And still there, the cream colored shadow of our sleep, warming us from the times in the void.
It’s heaven of course, but alas, never far behind, are the shrieking fears that all this will be lost sooner than later. A state which drives desire even more and we grab and hold on even harder to the illusion-of staying even closer.
My grandest desire, my deepest prayer is to have this deliciously beautiful illusion exist forever…and if it truly becomes boring…that it may only be boring like being bored in Paris.
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