Charles B. Goss
23 Hawthorne Street
Roslindale, MA 02131
1976                         Master of Fine Arts, Tufts University & School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,
                                 Major: Sculpture
1971                         Bachelor of Fine Arts. University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
                                 Major: Sculpture    
                                  Minor: Ceramics and Drawing
Teaching Experience
1979-Present             The School of The Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University, Boston, MA
                                    Professor of The Practice/Lecturer; Coordinator of Day School Foundations Department; Area Representative of Foundations Department; Drawing and Painting; Mixed Media; Wood Shop
1992-1998                Tufts University, Medford, MA
                                  Studio Instructor/ Lecturer “Art as Process”, Foundations Art minor required class
1998-2011                “Art in Amsterdam”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   
Founder, Director, and Instructor of multi-disciplined summer art school held at “Ruut Wackers Kunst Academie”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1995-1998                 Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
                                  Studio Instructor/Lecturer: 3-D Art Foundation; “Drawing for the First Time, beginning course; “Bumps on the Wall”, sculpture course for two dimensional artists
 1992-1996               University of Humberside, School of Art and Design, Hull, England
                                  Originator, Director, and Instructor of Summer Program Abroad
                                  “Art as Process” Foundations and Advanced Studies
Administrative Experience:
1979-Present             The School of The Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University, Boston, MA
                                   Co-designer of Day School, Evening School, Summer School and Study Abroad Foundations Program and curriculum; Coordinator of Visiting Artist Program;
                                   Member of school Admissions portfolio assessment team; School curriculum committee member; Member of F.A.T.E.   
1994-1996                Art As Process in England    
                                 Founder, Director, Teacher for summer artist residence
1998-2011                “Art In Amsterdam”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   
                                 Founder, Director, Teacher for summer artist residence
2010-2011                Urbano Project -Mapping Art and Perception class
                                  Urbano Project brings together urban teens and professional artists to ignite social change
                                 through participatory works of art and performance. Together we are developing a new
                                  generation of artists and leaders committed to social justice.
2008-2009                The Cloud Foundation - 2008+2009 Art As Process program for inner city teens
                                  The Cloud Foundation aims to foster confidence and hope in urban teens through artistic creation and cross-cultural expression.  
Shows, Books, Publications and Films
2020     2012-2020    Vimeo:
2020     89 Days In Amsterdam-film-in production
2018     89 Days In Amsterdam-book-in production
2018     Book: Everything I Don’t Know; Volume 2
2017     Film: Everything I Don’t Know-in production
2020     Everything I Don’t Know-book for children-in production
2017     Book:  90 Days In Paris-published 3/17-in SMFA/Tufts Library
2017     Film: 90 Days In Paris-The End Of The Beginning-in SMFA/Tufts Library
2010     Book: Everything I Don’t Know, Volume 1-studio edition-in SMFA/Tufts Library
Exhibitions: Solo Shows
2020     Retrospective, Milton Academy, Milton, Ma. Covid Postponed and re-scheduling
2018     Un-Broken Kilometer and The Amsterdam Papers-Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam
2014     90 Days in Paris, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA
2010     Banff Studios, The Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada
2010     Everything I Don’t Know, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA
2008      A Vertical Life, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA      
2007     Solo at Total Solutions Europe, exhibition space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2007     Solo, at The Gear, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006     Eye Object 2, Ruimte Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006     Eye Object, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA
2005     Solo Flight, Empathinc Gallery Charlotte, NC Drawings and Paintings
2004     To Two, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA
2001      In The Works, Art Horizons Web Group, Boston, MA
2000      Somebody, Someplace, Sometime, photos at Art Horizons Web Group, Boston, MA
1996      Anyplace But Home, European Collection Gallery, University of Humberside, Hull, England
1996      Drawings, European Collection Gallery, University of Humberside, Hull, England
1995      Anyplace But Home, Mobius, Boston, MA
1991      New Works, Emmanuel College, Boston, MA
1980      Flagg Gallery, Boston, MA  Things, Flagg Gallery, Boston, MA 

Exhibitions: Selected Group Shows
2016       Group Invitation-Boston Sculptors
2015       Forget Me Not, 1st, Ikon Gallery, Busan, South Korea
2014      90 Days in Paris-The Photos, Bromfield Gallery Boston
2013       X NOW, HallSpace, Boston, MA
2012       Open Show, Vermont Studios, Johnson VT
2015       The book, “90 Days In Paris” begun
2011       Art Chain Letter, Samson Projects, Boston, MA
2011       22 Artists, A Street Gallery, Boston
2010       One Night Stand, Banff Centre For The Arts, Banff, Alberta Canada
2009       Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA
2007       Griffin Museum of Photography, International Competition, Honorable Mention
2005       10X10 at Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA
2005       Member of the Drawing Archive, B F Annex, Boston, MA
2005        Anything Goes, juried competition, Lynn Center For The Arts
2005       The Drawing Show, juried competition, Lynn Center For The Arts
2004       Symbolically Speaking, Fine Arts Studio, Richmond, VA.
1999       Miniatures, Apple Gallery, New York, NY (Big Apple Art Gallery?)
1998        Big and Little, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
1996        Seventh Sun, installation at “Artrageous Mobius”, Boston, MA
1993        Heroes and Heroines, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA
1990        Dreams of Curious Men, Lessaffre Wilstein Gallery, Boston, MA
1989        Annual Invitational, Goss+Krepley, Hudson River Museum of Modern Art, NY
1988        Never Figured Out, Invitational,  School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
1986        Art To Go, Betsy Van Buren Gallery, Cambridge, MA
1985        X-3, Helen Shlein Gallery, Boston, MA
1983        Found Objects, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
1982        Next X, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA
1981        X, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA
1980        Small Works, New York University, New York, NY
Exhibitions: Two Person Shows
2008       Collaboration, Goss+Siteman Photos, HallSpace, Boston, MA
2006       Goss+Dean, Gallerie Lecoq, Berlin, Germany-now closed (looks like it’s still there)
2005       Goss+Phil Morse, Gallery 121, Boston, MA
1984       Goss+Krepley, Collaborations, Betsy Van Buren Gallery, Cambridge, MA
Visiting Artist/Juror/Critic at the following institutions:
2017-18           Visiting Artist-senior reviews, Milton Academy
2002-2011        Ruut Wackers Academie, Amsterdam The Netherlands, Lecturer
2007                 Lynn Center For The Arts, Curator, Guest Curator
2004                 St Paul’s School, Manchester, NH, Visiting Artist
2003                 St Paul’s School, Manchester, NH, Bradley Juror
1998-2002        Munson Proctor School Of Art, Utica, NY, Lecturer
2001                 Cuba Program, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Visiting Artist
2001                 Lynn Center for The Arts, Juror
1999-2001        Houston School For The Performing And Visual Arts, Lecturer
1998                 University of Humberside, Hull, England, Lecturer
1998                 Lawrence High School, Lawrence, KS, Visiting Artist
Book Design
2020       Everything I Don’t Know-for children-in process
2018       89 Days In Amsterdam-in progress
2017         Everything I Don’t Know-Volume 2
2015       90 Days In Paris-Image and Text
2010       Everything I Don’t Know-Image and Text
2004       A Little Off On The Sides-Photography dealing with the reality and abstract nature of male                                  baldness
CD Album Design
2004       Bird Mancini
2004       Bird Mancini-Year of Change
Permanent Installations:
1985        “Paint Tubes for Harrison”, Harrison Ave., Boston, MA
1984        “Escape Route”, Paperback Booksmith, 5th Avenue, New York, NY
1978        “Run”, Castle Island, Boston, MA
Awards + Residencies:
2018       Daynard Travel Grant
2018       Tufts Research Leave
2018       Artist in Residence Niew en Meer:
2017       airMG Artist Residency-Amsterdam
2017       Tufts Research grant for teachers
2011       Vermont Studios-Artist Scholarship
2010       Banff Scholarship-Independent Resident
2009       SMFA Research Grant-to publish the book, “Everything I Don’t Know”
2006       Melon Foundation Grant
1997        Massachusetts Council For The Arts, Finalist
1996        Melon Enrichment Grant
1991        Massachusetts Council for the Arts, Finalist
1990        Melon Enrichment Grant
1985        Melon Enrichment Grant
1980       Massachusetts Council for the Arts, Finalist
1981       Blanche E. Coleman Award for Sculpture