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From the forward:
I have taken pictures for more than 40 years and written things for more than that. These documents are verbal and visual notes, curiosities and comments on my travels, freedom, fears, and boredom. Except for my only other book, Everything I Don't Know, I haven’t shown many of the pictures or words until now.
While on sabbatical in Paris I didn't have a studio space and needed to activate somehow. I decided to attempt one of my own school projects that I give students who are stuck or lost. 
Take at least 100 pictures a day, shoot anything, anywhere…. shoot everything - no thinking, no planning, no set-up or light sensing - just shoot and see what you see. Look at them at the end of the day and do it again the next day and the next day and the next….
Words have always been around me-coming in and flowing out. Sometimes I can catch a few and then a few more…and if I'm lucky, I write them down. I like titles and the first lines of novels. I like country and western songs, weather reports, jokes, wisecracks and prayers. They’re simple and direct and sometimes, given a little twist, take you further. The best ones go far beyond their initial meaning.
This is a substantial volume, 11 x 14 inchs and is printed by Paper Chase Printers of L.A. They are a fine art house and have produced a beautiful and true to my desires piece. Please feel have a look at the images in the 90 Days In Paris gallery and email me if you’d like me to send you a copy.
Charles Goss

Charles Goss Paris Book Information
90 Days in Paris
11'' x 14''
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Limited Edition. Signed.